Andarine S4 ‘SHRED’

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S4 is a lean body mass builder, as well as strength and vascularity enhancer. Stack with MK2866  and/or GW501516 for great, lean gains! 50 capsules – 25mg

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  • S4 provides steroid like results without the steroid like side effects
  • Similar results to anabolic steroid, Anavar
  • Great vascular gains
  • Tightness of skin, similar to anavar
  • Researchers will have a far greater sense of well-being while on S4
  • Great for Mass

S4 is a lean body mass builder, as well as strength and vascularity enhancer. S4 is categorised as a SARM but was initially designed to treat several severe medical conditions such as muscle wasting, osteoporosis and benign pro-static hypertrophy. Compared to testosterone and other forms of steroids, the advantages of S4 is that it does not have androgenic activity in non-skeletal muscles. S4 is often thought of as the strongest SARM in terms of the many capabilities it has.


S4 provides huge amounts of strength, stamina and aides in rapid recovery. There is no estrogen conversion, no water retention or bloat and no toxicity. Thanks to its anabolic nature, the strength gains come rapidly but lean mass gains is the primary target from use.


Andarine does not aromatize, it is not suppressive when used properly, and it will not harm the liver.

However, Andarine is known for one side effect – its affinity to bind to the androgen receptors in the eyes, which is not permanent or harmful. When this happens, the user may have problems adjusting their vision from darkness to light, or they will notice a faint yellow tint. If this becomes a problem, you can lower the dose down or take a couple days off from taking it. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about because once the compound is stopped, your vision will return to normal within a few days to a week.


1.Endurance: you can stack Andarine at a low dose with Cardarine (GW 501516) at 10mg per day for an increase in endurance.

2.Fat loss: A combination of 10 – 20mg of Cardarine with 50-75mg of Andarine. This combination is well known as a potent ‘cutting’ stack.

3. SARMs triple stack: If you want to recomp, Andarine stacks beautifully with Cardarine and Ostarine (MK 2866).


25mg twice a day for 12 weeks. Maximum recommended dosage is 100mg daily. Optimal dose is 4-6 hours apart.

Our SARMS powders are capsulated within Size 0 capsules.

Our capsules are autofilled and weighed to ensure correct dosage.

57 reviews for Andarine S4 ‘SHRED’

  1. Mark

    Hardened me up

  2. Danny

    Apart from the yellow tint was amazing stuff

  3. Del

    Good pumps during workouts. Noticed a good strength boost too when pushing 1RMs

  4. Paul

    Was a bit hesitant as never bought bitcoin before. But was super simple and easy to use. loved this stuff. Stacked with Ostarine and GW and leaned up with vascularity

  5. Felix

    upped the dose to 75mg a day. Got some crazy pumps and vascularity! Was going to push it to 100mg a day but maybe next time.

  6. Ali

    Thumbs up

  7. Omar

    Gave me some serious pumps

  8. Israel

    Good stuff

  9. Clucas

    Awesome stuff.

  10. Adam

    Overall I noticed an increase in strength, tone and bulk. I did not dramatically increase the intensity of my training – just kept it consistent and yet the gains continued.

  11. DW

    Yellow tint at 75mg and harder to see at night when switching from light to dark. Serious pumps. Went away 3 days after I finished the cycle.

  12. Hill

    Gave me green tint when I looked at sunlight so I knew this was legit. Got ripped!

  13. Joseph

    So far pretty great. lots of energy, slightly shorter tempter but nothing to worry about could be from the RAD140. eyes a tad more sensitive to light/night time driving. so far so good!

  14. Hogn

    Take the capsules with my vitamins and fish oils. Simple

  15. Garod

    Love this stuff

  16. Leo

    Great pumps and veins popping during training

  17. Treo

    Really great results

  18. TJ


  19. Stacksss

    Stacked with YK-11 and it was ggg

  20. Abraham

    Love this stuff. Muscles feel tight and hard. Highly recommend.

  21. Gageendip Sharma

    Insane strength I am currently into my 10th week. And I am breaking PRs every week. This product is insane. I am using this along with LG4033 and RAD140. And so far I have gained close to 4kgs.
    I am getting mild yellow vision sides. But that’s minor. It goes away after a minute or two.

  22. Wear your shades

    The side effects are worth the results!

  23. Rob

    the rippedness is similar to anavar. Tight looking skin and veins popping

  24. Angelo

    Triple stacked with ostarine and cardarine for my shred. Lost 5kg mostly fat

  25. Brad

    Plan was to run mk2866 and s4 both 12 weeks but the yellow tint was a bit much at higher dose. Fellas thought i was on the juice so very happy with results

  26. luis pedros

    Good vascularity and strength at 75mg-100mg per day takes at least 4 to 5 weeks to hit 100mg. Yellow tint and night and some night black spots in eyes nothing to worry about you know it’s the real deal and not fake. I’m at week 8 now 100mg a day.

  27. Hughes

    Has got to be one of the most potent sarms. Used both s4 and lgd and look like i ran a steroid cycle at the end.

  28. Finn

    Strong sarm. Love the dry chiselled look. Looking forward to using it again with lgd this time

  29. Jamshi


  30. Benovoire

    Sides were unexpectedly heavy, had to give this a miss would love to cycle this a little more prepared with sufficient time

  31. Monty

    Dry tight results

  32. Colin

    Stacked with rad and lgd and saw great results. Similar to a testosterone and anavar cycle

  33. Tony

    Loved the mass i put on with s4. Went for the tightness but also had my traps peaking

  34. Charlie

    Capsules are convenient as you have to take it twice a day. Can pop the second one during my lunch break instead of trying to drip liquid into my mouth without being seen by my peers at work. Good lean results and couple comments from the ladies

  35. Johno

    I bought shred hoping I would rip up. I noticed on top of looking leaner i looked bigger. Really good product on a higher dosage

  36. Ifbb

    I would say at the max dosage it is very similar to winny or anavar just as long as you can take the side effects 😉

  37. Zack

    I rate it 10/10

  38. Al

    Yellow sensitivity so i knew it was quality

  39. Ford

    Great stuff with GW

  40. Johnny boy

    Strong even at normal dose

  41. Kev

    3 months and now for some time off. my fav farm cause of the size and hardness

  42. Wade


  43. Clive

    I have been on a cutting diet to lose bodyfat and have increased my cardio along with my weight training. S4 has helped me retain strength in the process. Quality stuff.

  44. Oscar

    S4 is pretty strong

  45. raph

    I tried it at 25mg for a week, before moving up to 50mg. that way i kept the sides down. i loved the dry gains

  46. Siongeo

    Vascularity ?

  47. Harold

    Awesome pumps with this product felt so much stronger. Awesome with LGD

  48. Pedro

    First time trying S4 and was happy with the results. I prefer to run ostarine and lad instead for lean dry growth

  49. jamie

    Not bad

  50. Nate


  51. Luka

    Only used it for a month and saw a tighter look around my arms and abs. Bummer theyre out of stock wished i bought more!

  52. Joseph

    Happy with the purchase?

  53. Keiran

    High quality but out of stock!!

  54. Willie

    I’ve been using it for 4 weeks now. I’ve noticed substantial gains!! I will be buying again.

  55. Shannon

    First time using S4
    Great strength and size gains for a hard gainer here.
    Would use again

  56. Ethan

    Using in stack with stamina, definite results keeping muscle while losing fat and increase in strength

  57. Bill W

    I’ve been using it for 4 weeks now. I’ve noticed substantial gains!! I will be buying again.

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