GW501516 Cardarine ‘STAMINA’

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A powerful endurance/stamina booster and will greatly boost your VO2 max. Excellent for athletes. Great for cutting fat and getting shredded! 30 capsules – 20mg

  • Great fat burner
  • Enhanced speed
  • Massive boost in stamina and endurance
  • Works best with MK2866 for lean muscle growth and fatloss
  • Helps lower Cortisol (Post Anabolic Steroid Cycle)


GW 501516 is used by athletes competing in many different sports. Cardarine allows the runner/cyclist/swimmer to cheat their maximum heart rates and go longer without getting winded, making this stack an incredible weapon to use in endurance sports.

GW 501516 can benefit in two ways:

1. Its ability to burn fat
2. Its ability to help the athlete have harder and longer workouts, without getting winded.

One of the very first things you’ll start noticing is that GW501516 boosts your stamina. It’s going to increase a lot and you will be able to push yourself to the limit. It really shines during cardio sessions, it will be a lot easier to complete your workouts. This effect usually lasts throughout the entire cycle.

With the increased stamina and performance, you will be burning through a lot more calories. It’s also known for boosting metabolism. Cardarine can help use your stored fat for energy, speeding up the fat loss progress. This is why a lot of users will add it to a cutting cycle.

Whilst in a caloric deficit, you may be at risk of losing muscle mass. Cardarine might be able to help preserve muscle mass whilst cutting. When the PPAR delta gets activated it doesn’t only melt fat off, it also stimulates the muscle fibres.


1. Shred: The best shredder stack would be stacking GW501516 with S4 – Shred. This is a well-known potent ‘cutting’ stack to rip you up.

2. Maintenance: Best to stack with MK2866 Ostarine ‘Lean’

3. Endurance: On its own, 10 – 20mg daily.


Cardarine is extremely effective at low dosages of 10 to 20mg per day. If you don’t have any experience with GW501516, most users will advise to start out with a low dosage.
Even at 10mg per day, you will be able to experience a significant increase in performance. Due to the fact that this compound is very potent, it’s not recommended to go any higher than 20mg per day.

Our SARMS powders are capsulated within Size 0 capsules.

Our capsules are autofilled and weighed to ensure correct dosage.

69 reviews for GW501516 Cardarine ‘STAMINA’

  1. Bill

    Noticed a difference after 6 days. Was able to go for longer during my cardio sessions

  2. Peter

    Used this training for and running a half marathon. Blitzed it!

  3. Gary

    Serious stamina!

  4. Has

    Great for cardio

  5. Keith

    Legit stuff, would use again

  6. Ivan


  7. Sammy

    Great for my BJJ stamina. Rolled for longer and more stamina

  8. John

    Five stars

  9. Joe


  10. Tommy

    I’ve used quite a lot of products but nothing seemed to work and I was always moody and lazy. GW keeps me consistent and gives me high energy throughout the day and during my workouts. I have never been able to work out as hard as I can at the moment while taking shred. I’ve dropped weight very quickly only after a few weeks Noticeable results iRead more about review stating Best product I’ve ever used combination of Healthy eating and exercise during this time. GW does make you hungrier then usual but with a good diet I can’t complain. 100% satisfied, good job guys

  11. Jeff

    Used it with S4 and shredded good. Sweated heaps when training.

  12. Geoff

    After a few different stacks to put on some good muscle over winter and spring I was looking to lean out, but without losing too much of muscle that i’d worked hard to gain. Along with watching my diet and adding some HIIT to my routine, Stamina definitely helped me get back some definition, but i didn’t lose a lot of size or too much strength.

  13. Malcolm

    Hard to come by this anymore.

  14. Stacey

    Used SR9009 before. GW works WAY better than SR. Only dosed it once a day instead of SR 2-3 times a day.

  15. Jeremey

    Definitely noticed results in 3 weeks. Only thing that didn’t change was scales.
    But noticed increase in lean muscle mass, Cardiovascular endurance.

  16. jason

    Stacked with LGD and RAD140 for 12 weeks. Made good size gains but that is probably from the LGD and RAD. Had a massive stamina boost when pushing weights and my sprint sessions. Would definitely use again. Recommended to my friends. Cheap price too so easy to stack with others.

  17. Aaron

    Good quality

  18. Will

    Lost 4kg in 3 weeks!

  19. Yusuf

    Usain Bolt on the track 😀

  20. Anil

    Crazy cardio

  21. Jason

    Love this stuff

  22. Jamie

    Seems to work well, shreds fat without burning muscle.

  23. Digh


  24. Bunny

    ****ed for hours on this 🙂

  25. Gav

    Excellent product and price fellas!

  26. Gavin

    Cardio bunny stuff

  27. Byrd

    My training went up a lot after 2 weeks, extra gas in the tank.

  28. Brian

    I can go harder & longer at everything with this stuff – cycling, basketball, bedroom 🙂

  29. Dylan

    Noticeable boost in endurance. Really lives up to its stamina name ?‍♂️

  30. Paul

    Noticed more sweat when training ?

  31. Katie

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys at ozsarms for taking the time to answer my questions and recommend sarms for a female in order to get the results i was looking for.

    They went above and beyond in recommending dosages and even sent me sarms dosed for females (10mg cardarine and 10mg ostarine) so that i can take daily which i wouldve not been able to do at the usual dosage. Thank you ozsarms ?

  32. Uncle bill

    Hard to get GW in australian anymore

  33. Cody

    Feeling the effects 4 weeks in

  34. Andy

    Great addition to my crossfit

  35. Luke

    Fucking awesome stuff ?‍♂️

  36. Jess

    Used cardarine to prep for my show

  37. George

    You can really feel the sweat when training

  38. Mellisa

    I can definitely feel the difference when I’m on cardarine and when off

  39. Stan

    Had a higher workmate at 20mg than at 10mg.

    you can feel that you can keep going

  40. Enzo

    Best sarm there is

  41. Felicia


    You all should be proud of the quality of the products and services you guys are offering!!! Affordable price and fast delivery
    I’m really happy with my purchases and I would highly recommend OzSarms to everyone


  42. Botelo

    Great stuff

  43. Micah

    Great vo2 increase i found

  44. Ali

    Good quality

  45. Asher

    For once a supplier does what it advertises, increased my exercise length and work capacity. I have tried sr9009 and GW is 100 times better

  46. Ed

    I originally bought cardarine for my triathlon training but i quickly noticed used together with viagra, that I could last A LOT longer in the sack 😉

  47. Phil

    Hard to find cheap gw in Australia?

  48. Doyle

    Added to my cycle. Probably the best sarm to add to any ‘bodybuilding’ cycle 😉

  49. Mite

    Hot flushes so knew it was real

  50. Leo

    Felt a 25% increase in lung capacity in a couple of days

  51. Stella

    Great quality and super excited about the increase in cardio

  52. Nathen

    Not only did I lose fat, my endurance was through the roof. I was able to work out longer in the gym and I was pushing myself drastically at footy training, to the point where people were asking what I was doing to get fit! Will continue to buy!

  53. William

    Good endurance boost. Got a few headaches but found dosing early in the morning with break helped

  54. Bec

    Great cardio boost

  55. Susie

    Increased my run time by a few minutes in 3 weeks!

  56. Don

    Excellent for cardio, my workouts went on and on

  57. Pablo

    This product has been great, I started seeing results in 2 week, and am about to order more ??????

  58. Frankie

    After taking stamina my body fat has dropped and training harder

  59. Greg

    To me Stamina (GW-501516) is the anchor component in any cycle, SARMS or AAS. It goes with everything. I use it mainly for endurance and keeping me going waaay past my usual breaking point. At 48 years old my endurance is insane on the GW without that jittery, stimulant feel you get from pre-workouts and other supplements. It just feels natural. But you really notice it’s there when you are at your workout peak, sweating hard and you can can feel the heat especially during cardio where you just laugh at how much further you can go. I’m not joking. I get bored on the treadmill now and have to crank up the effort level to get some excitement out of it. I’m now using it in my PCT while I continue to work out and maintain my gains. The ozsarms GW experience was great. Quick shipping, excellent customer service and the packaging is pretty good too.

  60. zAHRA

    Wow this stuff gives me insane stamina throughout my workout. Definitely gaining muscle stapled with the S4. Great stuff & service 🙂

  61. Steve F

    Noticed very quickly that this was a better product than other brands tried. Prompt delivery and what is looking like a quality supp, ozsarms are the way to go, have tried others and they do not have the quality.

  62. fREDDY

    Helps drop weight with a proper diet, feel way more endurance aerobically.

  63. Gary

    Great stuff will definitely buy again

  64. Theatch

    Great product. When combined got great results.

  65. Phil

    Second run of this stack and loving it just the same

  66. Atonio

    Does the job

  67. Vanessa

    It’s been soo good i really recommend that

  68. Mark

    Stacked this with LGD and MK2866. My chronic rotator cuff pain has gone (assuming down to the MK) and I am staying leaner when eating more and even after having a poor week of diet and training I still look lean and seems like my metabolism is boosted. Not had massive muscle gain but just 3 weeks in, and wouldn’t expect it anyway. Very happy Working well

  69. Joshua

    This stuff is fucking mental. Noticed the effects almost immediately. Will definitely be ordering more.

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