LGD4033 Ligandrol ‘GAIN’

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LGD-4033 is the STRONGEST and most anabolic SARM in existence. GREAT muscle builder and works impressively when stacked with other SARMS, specifically RAD140, MK677 and GW501516. 30 capsules – 10mg

  • Highly anabolic with results similar to anabolic steroid, Trenbolone
  • Great muscle growth
  • Excellent for strength and size
  • Fast recovery time
  • Excellent for recomposition
  • Contains healing properties
  • Can prevent muscle deterioration
  • Works well as a stand-alone or stacked with RAD140 for truly amazing gains

Many view LGD-4033 as the strongest and most anabolic SARM in existence. It can add large amounts of size without carrying the dangers and potential side effects associated with steroid use. It has the capability to bind to the AR (androgen receptor) with an extremely high affinity. LGD is generally classified as an AR ligand that is tissue selective. It was originally developed to treat muscle wasting in cancer patients and age-related muscle loss as well as acute and chronic illness.


LGD4033 is the most potent SARM in its class and the closest one to anabolic steroids. However, it comes without the harsh side effects and severe suppression of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). Therefore, athletes who compete in strength sports (American football, field sports, rugby, hockey, and weightlifting) will appreciate LGD the most.

What’s more, powerlifters love LGD because of its rapid strength improvements – typically, when dosing at only 10mg per day for under 8 weeks they will see noticeable improvements to their lifts across the board.

Interestingly, although not known for its healing properties, LGD does not tear up the soft tissues like anabolic steroids, but rather keeps them strong because of its ability to bind to receptors in bones. Thus, just like with all SARMs, there is plenty of versatility with LGD, which can be run solo, or stacked with other SARMS and/or anabolic steroids. As a result, the athlete has many different options depending on their goals.


1 Mass: Best stacked with RAD140 for steroid like gains.
2 Growth: Stack with MK677 for HGH like gains.


10mg daily for 12 weeks.

Our SARMS powders are capsulated within Size 0 capsules.

Our capsules are autofilled and weighed to ensure correct dosage.

74 reviews for LGD4033 Ligandrol ‘GAIN’

  1. Lachlan

    First SARMS cycle. Was sceptical but this stuff really works.

  2. Lily

    5 star

  3. Oscar

    Worth it

  4. Morgan

    Triple stacked this with the RAD140 and GW. Gained a few kgs of muscle and stamina went up

  5. Sam

    Was sceptical at first due to its low price, but this stuff works!

  6. Alex

    I’ve purchase LGD from ozsarms and other suppliers previously, but the ozsarms product is miles better than others. I’m currently at week 3 of 12 and I’m already seeing the results I want.

  7. Lucky

    Real deal and cheap

  8. Tarek


  9. Dylan

    Stacked with RAD140 and MK677. Great bulk gains and not much water retention. Loved it.

  10. Micky

    Good gains

  11. Carlo

    Gained 4kg and leaned down. Don’t know how that is but I must have put on muscle and lost fat.

  12. Sean

    Great results with this product. Be careful when using it because sometimes your muscle performance can exceed your tendon strength and you can strain them. This is particularly the case if you’re middle age as the tendons aren’t quite as elastic as they used to be!!
    Dispatch and delivery are second to none.

  13. Dean

    Wow this stuff is amazing

  14. Raj


  15. Matt S

    Worked great. Put on 6kg in 2 months. Stacked it with RAD140 and def could feel the aggressiveness in the weights room.

  16. Terry

    The product is legit. Gained 2 kgs the first week. Gained 6kg by the end of the cycle.

  17. Mr frisky

    Great gains and higher sex drive

  18. David


  19. Biostudent

    Similar to low dose Test E. Maybe 125-200mg equivalent.

  20. Aaron

    gains baby

  21. Takesh

    Fantastic stuff

  22. Tobias

    Good product, good price, cheeky gains and strength.

  23. Harlon

    YOLO !!

  24. Vemish

    I like this product for its strong results

  25. Mitch

    Bought 2 LGD and got received a free bottle of S4. Still early days but noticing yellow vision and more pumped so it works!

    PS thanks for the free bottle

  26. Juno

    Great size gains after 4 weeks. On week 9 now

  27. Martin

    Super strong

  28. Jackson

    Been on for two weeks and have felt the strength gains and amazing pumps already!

  29. Blane

    Great product and great customer service. They answered all my silly questions promptly. Thanks guys ?

  30. Joe

    Yeah buddy light weight!!

  31. Newbie

    Amazing results first time trying sarms?

  32. Thomas

    Quality changes. More muscular and thicker

  33. Andrew

    I used this product to gain weight and strength , I have to say I do believe it works well as i have put on 5to6 kilos over the last month also gaining good strength . all in all I’m feeling great

  34. Zac

    I was dubious but have been surprised by the results. I have put on 4kg in 3 weeks and am lifting heavier. I am more focussed and aggressive in the gym. I’d recommend this product for sure. Also, I’ve been very happy with the ordering process and customer support (I stuffed up my order) and it was rectified very quickly! Thanks Auslabs.

  35. Lewis

    Only being doing bodyweight workouts during iso and put on 3kg stacking lgd and rad140

  36. Dave

    Great product

  37. William

    Will buy again ?

  38. Brett

    5kg increase in bodyweight after 12 weeks

  39. Errol

    Easy to use and great results

  40. Ahmer

    Can’t wait for gyms to open again so I can run a triple stack

  41. Jesse

    Strong sarm. i reckon the strongest there is for size

  42. Ted

    Out of all the sarms I’ve used lgd was the strongest definitely

  43. Tyler

    First time using 10mg a day of LGD instead of 5mg. Noticed a big boost in size gains by week 8.

  44. Paul

    Good stacked with rad i found

  45. Austin

    Similar to Ostarine but more water retention, not heaps but a little bit more. Great sarm

  46. Billy

    Swapped over from hardcore sarms. Cheaper price and faster postage. Quality too

  47. Kyle


  48. Blake

    Good size and growth

  49. Manny

    Even though I’ve only been using it for 2weeks I’m lift more weight than i ever had can’t wait to see how diff in 2 months

  50. Dom

    Good size gains

  51. liam

    Proper strong quality ai

  52. Donnie

    5 star

  53. Jacok

    Quality size build

  54. Oscar

    Seen amazing gains, little to no side effects. Had a lot of luck with Ostarine from these guys, so they’re consistently high quality.

  55. Rod

    I just want to commend the team at ozsarms for their great customer service. Always quick to reply and answer all my silly questions, no matter how silly they might have seemed.

    The products are also great!

  56. Bob

    Happy with my results after a 12 week cycle

  57. Lgd and rad

    Impressive results after a 10 week stack with rad

  58. Stephen

    Blew up nicely

  59. Harry

    Strong sarm

  60. Tony a

    Great product guys

  61. Ovun

    Had to switch suppliers from another aussie sarms suppliers as i wasnt too sure on their quality. Glad i found ozsarms. Used for 4 weeks and blew up heaps. Cheapest prices and high quality. Hope you guys dont go under!

  62. Toby

    Great amaizing results. 1 month in and my strength has increased body fat has gone down fro 12% to just on 10% and scales have also gone up from 73.6 to now 77.5. Currently only doing Lgd but going to start stacking it with mk677 and rad

  63. Craig

    I have loved the results from your product GAIN with in 2 weeks I was seeing changes. I will definitely be buying more and advertising my thoughts and experiences to others.

  64. Simion

    Awesome product, gained 3.5kg muscle in 3 months, 1kg per week after using for only 2 weeks!! Would definitely recommend.

  65. Francis

    Been using GAIN for a 6 weeks now and seen some significant strength gains, size and vascularity. highly recommend

  66. Jay Cutler jr

    New to ozsarms brand. Started using their lgd-4033. 4kg gain on first month. It’s a slow process, so don’t expect to look like jay cutler in a couple of months.

  67. Kieran

    Really happy with this stuff

  68. Monty

    Awesome product, gained 3.5kg muscle in 3 months, 1kg per month

  69. John

    Have tried a few products from ozsarms, as always delivery and quality are spot on.

  70. Tommy

    Good products. Fast response and shipping.

  71. Geneddy

    I’m on my third bottle of Gain. I love it!
    I definitely notice more strength and have successfully put on lean muscle as a result.

  72. Enerst

    Definitely gave me the size and strength in less than a month! Highly recommended, will get more!

  73. Syu

    Shipment was on time, have been using lgd for 3 weeks and feeling the difference.

  74. Border force

    After switching from a US supplier (they stopped shipping here) I was pleasantly surprised. The results were exactly in line with other very pure brands I have used in the past. Would highly recommend

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