MK2866 Ostarine ‘LEAN’

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MK2866 is a great lean muscle builder with no adverse side affects. Stack with S4 for great lean, vascular results. Stack with GW501516 to retain and gain lean muscle mass whilst cutting. 30 capsules – 25mg

  • Highly Anabolic even at moderate doses
  • Excellent for lean mass gains and fatloss
  • Use with GW501516 for fatloss
  • Truly shines when used for body recomposition
  • Helps increase endurance (aerobic or anaerobic)
  • Joint and Injury healing abilities
  • Great sense of well-being while on
  • Large increases in strength

Ostarine binds to the androgen receptors just like anabolic steroids do, but it does this selectively, which means that it has considerably less side effects.


Ostarine works like anabolic steroids do, but with way fewer side effects, and almost no suppression. In fact, blood work has shown that Ostarine will suppress the HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) by only 10-20% vs. 95% seen with anabolic steroids. Hence, you can use Ostarine as an additional or solo compound not only during your cycle, but also for post cycle therapy (PCT), and even the bridging phase. This makes Ostarine a very versatile compound for the athlete.

Women will find Ostarine to be a much safer alternative to anabolic steroids because it won’t cause facial hair, enlarged clitoris, or other masculine traits.

Furthermore, Ostarine is also popular among powerlifters and bodybuilders due to its ability to strengthen bones and joints.

MK-2866 is highly effective at gaining and maintaining extremely lean body mass. A major benefit is its healing potential when used for injury rehabilitation because it can aid in healing an injury at a rapid rate.


1. Endurance: You can stack MK2866 with GW501516 for increased endurance before your workout or run.
2. Fat Loss: Stack with S4 ‘SHRED’ for ripped, vascular gains.

3.Recomp:  If you want to recomp (build muscle mass while losing fat at the same time), Ostarine stacks beautifully both S4 and GW501516

4.Lean gains: If you wish to make dry, lean gains, stack with RAD140.


25mg daily for 12 weeks.

Our SARMS powders are capsulated within Size 0 capsules.

Our capsules are autofilled and weighed to ensure correct dosage.

67 reviews for MK2866 Ostarine ‘LEAN’

  1. Rodney

    This stuff is great. Been playing footy for over 15 years so my body is riddled with injuries. Stacked this with Cardarine for the stamina and MK677 for the injuries.

  2. sandeep

    Used this post cycle to keep my gains before blasting again. Helped me keep most of it. Stacked with Cardarine to lower corstiol. Works well as a PCT bridge stack.

  3. Vulkov

    Stacked with GW and had some serious endurance.

  4. Daniel

    Awesome for recomposition

  5. Lucas

    Lean gains without water retention

  6. Gabbi

    Hey guys
    Much appreciated for these high quality products I’ve bought I’m more than satisfied with the results. There’s a few products being sold around which doens’t have same high quality and purity than yours. Keep it up with these level of quality and much more purchase is going to happens in the future.

  7. Abe

    Top stuff for shredding

  8. Harry

    Lean gains!

  9. Adam

    ****** works!!!

  10. Abdullah

    Helped with my tendonitis in my elbow.

  11. AJ

    Saw a difference at 2 weeks. more pumps at the gym and tightness

  12. jOINT


  13. William

    Has restored movement and function that had been damaged

  14. Jono

    Great stuff, this SARM ensures some steady gains without the suppression of test at the end, although SARM suppression is pretty minor as it is, MK677 skips that whole period of heartache and let’s you carry on. Thank you OZSARMS 🙂

  15. Bill


  16. Kevin

    love it

  17. Kovac

    Great lean gains

  18. Gabs

    Keeps me training for longer without burning my muscles out

  19. Bryan

    Best stuff I’ve taken in a while and no side effects

  20. Gastion

    First warms cycle and good results. Will try LGD next

  21. Michael

    Great product, great company. Highly recommend!

  22. Sean

    Good brand and good prices

  23. Ildour


  24. Moe al

    I love ostarine. Good pumps and full look after training. No side effects ive noticed either

  25. Robbie

    Excellent dry gains

  26. Abe

    I’ve had great success using the shred and lean together. Will definitely be continuing use in the future

  27. Pete

    Good relief on my joints and quality lean muscle

  28. Geoffrey

    Still early days as it only been 2-3 weeks since I started using it but although my weight has not changed much, Ive definitely gotten stronger much quicker than I normally would have. No side effects experienced either. great product!

  29. Joshua H

    Great for Pumps, Recomp, Cutting, Bulking, Preserving Muscle and Healing injuries! Will use for PCT aswell to keep gains

  30. Mark

    Does what its labeled. 6 weeks in and can see the lean muscle growth

  31. Arthur

    Awesome muscle growth with no water bloat. Can see my abs

  32. Katie

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys at ozsarms for taking the time to answer my questions and recommend sarms for a female in order to get the results i was looking for.

    They went above and beyond in recommending dosages and even sent me sarms dosed for females (10mg cardarine and 10mg ostarine) so that i can take daily which i wouldve not been able to do at the usual dosage. Thank you ozsarms ?

  33. Dilan

    Great for recomp post cycle

  34. Michael

    Definitely noticed the healing factor. Inflammation went down in my knees

  35. Danny

    Great quality osta

  36. Ademan

    Good muscle gain and less joint pain

  37. Frederick

    Similar to Lgd but more of a leaner muscle gain

  38. sammy

    Got if for my miso. worked a charm for her

  39. pete

    Good to use after cycle for recomp

  40. Spence

    Safe to use and actually works. No side effects at all on it

  41. Calie

    As mentioned earlier it has no side effects so i wasn’t worried running it for 12 weeks.

  42. Perry

    In my opinion this is the best SARM. Great for recovery and lean muscle

  43. Mike M


  44. Oscar

    Ostarine has got to be the best sarm around seriously. no side effects and helps with my niggling injuries and muscle growth

  45. Donald

    Awesome stuff! Used 25mg Ostarine and 50mg s4. Great lean ripped look

  46. David

    I’ve tried a few brands and ozsarms are the best

  47. Doyle

    Good service, fast postage to victoria

  48. prince

    stacked with s4. a grade stuff

  49. Brady

    Fast shipping and nice bottle

  50. Tio

    Good pumps and muscle

  51. ivo

    my fav sarm to run. zero side effects and great lean muscle

  52. jamie

    Enjoying the benefits from this product

  53. Fis0011


  54. Grayson

    Lowered my knee pains and helped with my weight cut

  55. Tio

    Mk2866 is the best sarm imo because of its low side effects and subtle results.

  56. Joey

    Made some great muscle growth with a 3 month cycle. Looks like lean muscle insteas of a water bloat

  57. Jakey

    Quality Ostarine

  58. Laura

    It works well. With a balanced diet and training it will defs speeds up your goals

  59. Ozcar

    Been buying from ozsarms for a while and they’ve never disappointed. Strength through the roof and recovery is minimal.

  60. Brock

    6 weeks into my cycle and loving this stuff. General well being is good, I’ve dropped fat % by nearly 2% and gained 1.5kg of muscle. Postage times are ridiculously fast. Can’t recommend highly enough

  61. Alberto

    Works wonder. I’ve lost fat without loosing much muscle mass

  62. Shane

    Notice a difference in my ability to recover, would take this year round or between cycles of LGD

  63. Daniel

    Brilliant product

  64. Steven

    Great customer service

  65. Brad

    Hey guys, my main thing is trying to find the real thing. I got a healing stack, with sarms, growth hormone and TB500, I’ve been feeling good and without trying have put on muscle, I’m a martial artist so haven’t even tried to put on muscle, the body is just responding well to hard exercise, intially I felt tired then slowly picked up and after 3 weeks I feel excellent and have never been so quick, I’m 45 years old

  66. Deano

    been on it for 2 weeks, muscles feel a bit harder and any nagging muscle pain such as in my back that was ongoing for 6months + has been fixed, i wouldnt buy this for mass maybe LGD

  67. Ben

    Wow what a product. I was very surprised by the result of using lean (MK-2866). Naturally being a very lean and vascular person already without the use of performance enhancing supplements i was very surprised with the results. i managed to put on 2kg of weight whilst simultaneously slightly leaner and alot more vascular. Great product over all and very keen to try stacking it with more sarms products

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